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Common Questions


What are their training needs?

OEBs can be independent and extremely loyal.  It is important to establish yourself as the leader early by being firm, confident and positive in your approach.  Socialization at a young age is vital for their personal development.  OEBs can be stubborn but are bright dogs so are fairly easy to train and are usually treat motivated.

How much excerise do they need?

 An adult will typically need around 30-45 minutes of exercise daily.  They are athletic and strong, but can be fairly low energy and laid back.  The physical activity helps them maintain good health, stay at a healthy weight and stimulate their minds.  Their physical activity needs can vary depending age, health and overall energy level.  

What are their grooming needs and do they shed?

OEB's are mild - moderate shedders. Trim nails as needed.  Bathe occasionally, but not too frequently.  Clean facial wrinkles regularly.

Do OEB's drool?

No they do not drool!  However, due to their under bite, there can be some "drainage" after drinking.

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