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We are a small family owned kennel breeding registered Olde English Bulldogges for health, conformation and temperament.

Located in Regina, SK Canada

About Us: Welcome

About Us

    We always had a love for the traditional English Bulldog but desired a healthier version and discovered the OLDE ENGLISH BULLDOGGE. 


    With health, structure and temperament being extremely important to us we do not breed for special colours although some rare colours are in our bloodlines.  Each breeding will be planned and breeding pair will be matched to compliment each other to better the breed.  Through this planning we are capturing breed standard features with the goal to produce puppies that keep the health, quality and breed true. For this same reason, all our puppies will be sold on a non-breeding contract, except select established kennels, to ensure future litters stay healthy and represent the true characteristics of the breed.


    We love our bullies and raise each one in our home, underfoot with our children to start proper socialization and prepare them for your home.


    We breed our dogs to maintain a breed that we are passionate about and our ultimate goal is to provide you with the a pet that is a wonderful addition to your family.  Although we are a breeder, we also believe in and support animal rescue.  If what you are looking for is not in a shelter then we suggest finding a breeder you can trust and we hope that breeder is us.

     If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time. 

About Us: About
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